Privacy Policy is designed to provide login assistance as well as solutions to various types of problems faced in Plenty Of Fish (POF)  to all the users ranging from beginners to professionals. We have developed a set of rules which must be followed while using the site.

Privacy Policy

1.The site cares about the safety of all the users. All the users need to use the site in such a way that it causes no harm to others.

2.All the contents of the site are protected from copyright and thus illegal selling of the site contents is strictly prohibited.

3.The site contents are designed to help the users in various circumstances. So, the users should use the site for private use only.

4.Though we care a lot about authenticity of the contents, we never give the guarantee for the accuracy of all the site contents.

5.The contents of the site should never be shared with any kind of third party such as hackers and phishers. Third party may cause hamper to the site in many ways.

6.Since the site is not designed for commercial purpose, users are not allowed to sell the site contents. If you are interested to sell/buy the site contents, you can feel free to contact us.

7.We update the site in a regular basis to provide best services to the users. But if the users suffer from data loss during the revisions, the site bears no responsibility.

8.Postings and modifications of any kind are strictly prohibited either for the betterment or downfall of the site.

  1. We use advertisements from third party companies. We only choose trustworthy advertisement partners, but we do not have direct control over types of ads displayed on our site.

10.The site has got its own right for its termination. It can terminate temporarily or permanently for no reason.

If you want to use the site in a good manner, you must these policies in your mind while using the site.

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