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POF IM or Instant Messenger

When you want to user the POF IM or Plenty of Fish Instant Messenger, then at first you must make sure that your computer matches the features requirements which are needed to run the application expeditiously. The POF IM is flash based, so you must go to the official site of Adobe adobe.com and download flash if the POF Instant Messaging is not working properly. Many latest browsers like chrome, Firefox come with preset up to run flash. you must also remember to disable the pop up blockers as Plenty of Fish chat uses the separate window for holding the conversation.


you can visit any one of the following sites to chat with the users on POF:-

  • http://www.pof.com/lastonlinemystate.aspx
  • http://www.pof.com/lastonlinemycity.aspx
  • http://www.pof.com/inbox.aspx
  • http://www.pof.com/friends.aspx

You can only chat with someone on POF , if they were online in the last 15 minutes. You have to click the CHAT link right next to or below the username to chat with a user. Or you can click the CHAT link on the above listed pages. Plent of Fish Dating has restriction on IM depending on the distance area. You can only chat with someone within your state or he/she should be less than 75 kilometers from your place. If you want to find out who is currently online, click on “Online My City”  or “Online My State”.  You can turn off the POF instant messenger by clicking on mail settings or this link http://www.pof.com/mailsettings.aspx . You cannot use audio/video features on the POF chat if you are not the member for more than a week. You must be at least 1-week Plenty off Fish member to use these features. Do not forget that, for POF IM, you need your POF login credentials.