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POF IM or Instant Messenger

When you want to user the POF IM or Plenty of Fish Instant Messenger, then at first you must make sure that your computer matches the features requirements which are needed to run the application expeditiously. The POF IM is flash based, so you must go to the official site of Adobe adobe.com and download flash if the POF Instant Messaging is not working properly. Many latest browsers like chrome, Firefox come with preset up to run flash. you must also remember to disable the pop up blockers as Plenty of Fish chat uses the separate window for holding the conversation.


you can visit any one of the following sites to chat with the users on POF:-

  • http://www.pof.com/lastonlinemystate.aspx
  • http://www.pof.com/lastonlinemycity.aspx
  • http://www.pof.com/inbox.aspx
  • http://www.pof.com/friends.aspx

You can only chat with someone on POF , if they were online in the last 15 minutes. You have to click the CHAT link right next to or below the username to chat with a user. Or you can click the CHAT link on the above listed pages. Plent of Fish Dating has restriction on IM depending on the distance area. You can only chat with someone within your state or he/she should be less than 75 kilometers from your place. If you want to find out who is currently online, click on “Online My City”  or “Online My State”.  You can turn off the POF instant messenger by clicking on mail settings or this link http://www.pof.com/mailsettings.aspx . You cannot use audio/video features on the POF chat if you are not the member for more than a week. You must be at least 1-week Plenty off Fish member to use these features. Do not forget that, for POF IM, you need your POF login credentials.

How to send POF Quick Message

Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the largest online dating site that is primarily used in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and Brazil. Plenty of Fish is founded by Markus Frind in the year 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. POF is private limited computer that employs 66 people for making POF safer and better place to hangout for the singles from around the world. In a research, it is said that POF generated $ 10 million USD as of 2008. All revenue generated by Plentyoffish is solely through advertisement. POF offers two types of account for the users, one is normal which is free and other one is premium that cost some amount and has some more interesting features included like you can find out who viewed your profile. Whether the receiver has seen your messages or deleted it and much more.


You can also send and receive messages using Plenty of Fish for free. POF also has a unique features like sending pof quick messages. It is very effective and easy to send quick message on Plenty of Fish to other people. It is same like sending normal messages.

How to Send POF Quick Message

POF Quick Message

  1. Open pof.com with the help of any browser installed in your computer.
  2. Enter your username and password that is already associated with your Plenty of Fish account.
  3. Once you are successfully logged into the plenty of fish account. Then click on the message box.
  4. Compose a new message inside the message box that that lies on the user’s profile.
  5. After composing a news message, simply click on “Send Quick Msg.
  6. You can also quick reply to the quick message. For quick reply, click on view message and type what you want to reply or respond. After that send Quick Reply.

Genrally POF Quick Message can also be said as pof chat as it is lot similar than the chat features.

Plenty of Fish Chat

Plenty of Fish is the largest online dating site that is primarily used in Canada, America, Australia, Ireland and United Kingdom. It is basically used by youth from age group 19-30 for getting committed to a partner, dating them, being in long term relationship and also for getting laid some of the times. pof.com offers varieties of features to its users among them most used one is Plenty of Fish Chat feature.

plenty of fish chat

Plenty of fish is renowned for its unique features provided to the users. POF Chat is one among them. With Plenty of Fish Chat you will be able to send and receive instant message to the person you want to talk. Chat is that unique feature that helps to get closer to your date on any online dating site. Plenty of Fish is always updating its functions by adapting new and amazing technologies. You can not only send and receive instance message but also can send emotions, like, when you are sad you can send a sad message along with sad emotions, happy emotion when you are happy.

POF chat recently is being reinvented because of which it is going to be down for someday, POF extremely apologies to all the POF users for the inconvenience they will be facing. POF.com promises and guarantees its users that they are integrating new technologies on chat like games and much more which they are bringing to you in few days to come.

Chat on Plenty of Fish is specially integrated for those users who want to get to know about each other very close and spend more time for understanding themselves. With plenty of fish chat, you can only send and receive messages to those whom you are already friends with. A person who is not in your friend list are not able to chat with you. If you found someone very abusive or constantly sending you messages off the topic, you can directly report them or block them that will prevent them from sending you messages or even chat with you.