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How to Change Pof Password?

POF is the one of the best free internet-based online dating site. The site is mainly preferred for single person. POF is the free dating site and thousands of user gets registered in a single day. POF has been provided the best online dating services, such as viewing the the user’s profile, send messages as well as view the messages if it was deleted or not. Pof also has introduced mobile apps for android and ios users in 2010. Nearly 70% of user of Pof have been logged in through mobiles according to the records of 2013 on the month of may.

How to Change Pof Password

In order to get full access on the services of plenty of fish user must have to login into Pof.  And for new user ,they must have to register their account with Plenty of Fish. However Pof have been provide the secured and comfortable environments for users. If incase user don’t feel unsecured of their accounts and they can change their password of POF anytime they need. So if you don’t know the How to change pof password then you need to follow these steps.

Steps on How to Change Pof Password

  • Firstly goto http://www.pof.com using your any of your available web browser.
  • After a few second , the official page of POF will be open and then click on the “UPGRADE” button on the menu bar.
  • After then again you will be redirected to the next page. You can see the text box there where you have type your valid email id and then press on “Submit” button into the blue colored box.
  • After this step the reset link POF will send the Reset link into our email address and then we have to click NOT JUNK in order to Remove POF.com from our immensity directory.
  • Then just follow all the instruction on how to change pof password after clicking on the link they have provided. Its so simple.
  • After completing all the steps your password will be changed successfully.

Change POF Password

Plenty of Fish also most of the time abbreviated as POF is a largest online dating site based at Canada. POF has various unique features that lets you to chat with your friend on POF, ask for a date, and view their profile and many more. For making your POF Account Safe and secure, you should change your password every 90 days. Steps to Change POF Password is very simply and easy, for this you all have to do is follow the below mentioned easy steps.

Steps to Change POF Password

change pof password

  1. Open any web browser installed in your computer and type pof.com/HelpCenter on the address browser to go to the Plenty of Fish Help Center.
  2. Now you are landed on the help center of Plenty of Fish where you can see various option related to your POF Profile, messages, Chat or Security along with Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).
  3. Now we are mainly focused on how to change pof password so, for that click on the link Keep Your Account Secure, under the security headings.
  4. After you clicked on that link, at the right side, on the bottom, you can see Change your password here link. Click on it and after that you need to type your username, password.
  5. Now there is a place to enter your old password, after that you need to enter new password and reenter your new password and click on the update button to change your Password. But before clicking on the update button, make sure you entered password correctly on both the fields.

Note that, when entering a password make sure you have at least used 15 letters long password that includes at least a special character, a number and letters. And also make a habit of changing your password every 90 days that would  make your Plenty of Fish Account more safe and secure.