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POF Extended Profiles

POF also known as Plenty of Fish is an online dating site with full of features one could expect from any other dating site. POF ask your for simple information during the time of creating a POF account like, marital status, your interest, religion, income, family situation etc. And later you can also personalize your profile by adding a headline, essay description and list of your interests. Plentyoffish.com also has one of the most unique feature that helps to find out the chemistry between two people called as “Chemistry Predictor”. It is the matching process that asks you some questions with three option to choose, “somewhat disagree”, “somewhat agree” or “agree”.You can also extend your profile later by adding some more information about you and after that your profile will be one of the many POF Extended Profiles.

pof extended profiles

Steps to Change to POF Extended Profiles

  1. Make sure that you have filled up all the required information on your profile because other users might ignore message coming from users with incomplete profile information.
  2. Your profile pictures should at least be viewed ten times more than your profile. People viewing more your profile picture than your profile means you have greater chance to find perfect match.
  3. Make sure you have given correct information with enough description needed. People will try to find your identity before they reply your messages.
  4. It is also possible to hide you profile if you want to. For hiding your profile, go to table menu and click on the link “Click here” next to “To hide your profile”. But note that, people won’t find you in search result if you profile is hidden and you should be over 24 years to hide your profile.

In simple, POF extended profiles are the profile that has been edited and contains plenty of information about the user and this profile helps  the users to connect with more people and friends around you.

How to create POF profile

If you want to get maximum number of response from other POF Singles, then you need to create an exciting POF profile. Then now it’s time to think about your online dating profile on Plenty of Fish.

Tips to Create POF Profile

POF profile

  • If you make your profile short and impersonal it is more likely that your account can be ignored and even the messages you send will also be ignored. As it is a very common process that they usually check out the sender’s profile, and if it’s satisfactory and looks like a real one then only they will take the message seriously otherwise it will be deleted.
  • You always need to include a photo on your profile because the profile with photos looks like real one and is likely to be visited more than the profile without photos. Get a profile picture and increase your chance to find a perfect match. Along the profile picture, add recent photos to your profile, which will make your profile, look beautiful.
  • Write a proper and attractive profile description including all the needed information about you. The more you become open, the more other members will know about you and will feel free to contact you. Including the information about you like and dislike, your passion, your beliefs, your fears and personal traits. This will provide you with the chance to present yourself to other singles on pof.com.
  • Think up some creative ideas or things you want to do no your first date. Because your first date ideas reveals many things about your personality whether you’re romantic, sensitive, sensual or easygoing.

If you keep the above mentioned information in mind while creating your POF Profile you will face no problems finding dates on plentyoffish.com.


POF Extended Profile | Plenty of Fish Profile

Plenty of Fish is full with every feature you would expect from a dating site . Online dating starts with your profile information about you and what you’re looking for. POF asks you the information like children, marital status, interests, smoking and drinking habits, religion, profession, income, family situation, relationship history etc are the content of profile. Then users can personalize their profile with a headline,an essay description, and a list of interests. The Plenty of Fish relationship chemistry predictor is the matching process, fun with several questionnaire. The chemistry predictorposes 73 statements“Somewhat disagree,” “Somewhat agree,” or “Agree.” The test measures five different personality.

Some Steps to Create POF Extended Profile

  • First of all you have to think about your profile. If your profile is short, sparse, and impersonal, other members will ignore any messages that you send them. When members receive messages, they usually check out the sender’s profile, and if it is satisfactory, they’ll take the sender’s message seriously otherwise it is deleted without even being read.
  • Your profile pictures are viewed ten times more than profiles that are bare. If more people watch your picture, the more chances you have of finding your match.
  • You have to create a profile description with plenty of information about yourself. The more you write in your profile, the more other member will identify you and want to contact you.
  • You can hide your profile if you want. To hide your profile, under the table menu, you have to click the link next to: “To hide your profile from others, click here”. If your profile is hidden, you will not appear in search results. You can hide your profile only when your account is over 24 years old.

pof extended profile

If you have hidden your profile picture on POF , following users will still be able to see your picture.

  • Users you contact after you hide your profile
  • Users who have messages in your inbox
  • Users on your favorites list
  • Users who have you on their favorites list
  • Users who search your username in Username Search

The pof extended profile is that made by editing your profile, if there was any place to add any “extended info”. It can include your income level, education status etc. Extended profile let you find and connect with more friends around you.