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PlentyofFish.com Search

POF which stands for Plenty Of Fish is one of the most popular online dating sites in the world and it has been providing its world class dating service to its customers since 2003. It has revenue of 10 million U.S dollars according to the statistics of the year 2008. Its official website can be reached by visiting the link www.pof.com. You can perform plentyoffish.com search to get quickly to your perfect one.

PlentyofFish.com Search

plentyoffish.com search

  1. After visiting the link you will get to the Plenty of Fish Homepage. If you want to sign in with your POF account, then you can do so by clicking on “Sign In” from the top right hand side of the page. After clicking on that you need to enter the username and password and click “Check Mail!” to complete the pof login process.
  2. If you want to search for you perfect match then you need to begin by clicking on Search which is available on the top middle of the home page.
  3. After clicking on that you will be guided to another page from where you can search for other profiles and persons.
  4. There are many types of search processes and they are POF Basic Search, POF Advanced Search and POF Username Search.
  5. If you want to find a soul mate with exact precision or you want to search someone with some qualities and details then it is highly recommended to use the advanced search. If you know the username of the person then you can directly click on Username search and enter the username and then click on Find User.
  6. If the username exists then a list of results will be shown and you can find your match.
  7. In case of advanced search you need to fill a form which asks for different information.
  8. You should first begin with your gender and your gender preference.
  9. You should enter the age of the match, you want to date and then the country and postal codes which will define the location of your match.
  10. You should select or enter all the details about your including your longest relationship, intent, personality, owing of a car or not and many more.
  11. You need to provide all the information and details about the person you are looking for including height, religion, ethnicity, and many more.
  12. After entering all the required details and information you can click on “Go Fishing!” to complete the plentyoffish.com search and the site will show results related to your form.

Plentyoffish Search Options | POF Search

Plenty of Fish is renowned name for online dating site that is very popular especially in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and Australia. Plentyoffish search help the POF user to search and find out other POF users. POF search is based on various search criteria. With the help of plenty of fish search you can narrow down you search results. Searching on any dating site these days is not new and every website these days have inbuilt searching features. There are various ways you can perform search in Plenty of Fish. In order to perform search in pof.com you have to click on the link at the top of the page that says “Search” from the POF Homepage.

plentyoffish search

Different Types of Plentyoffish Search Options

  1. Basic Search
  2. Advance Search
  3. Username Search

In POF basic search you can choose any options from the provided 16 fields options. For using basic search in POF you don’t have to fill up all the fields. If you just want to search about the nearby users then you can simply input your zip code and click on the search button. It is also possible to select user’s image and mix match your search criteria. With plenty of fish basic search, you would be able to search by gender, body type, last visit and ethnicity. If you need more search features on plentyoffish search then you have to go for Advance search.

With the Plenty of Fish advance search you will be able to refine your search result. There are 35 different type of search filters in POF advance search. Another POF search type is Username search. With this Plenty of fish search you can search anyone who are registered on POF by entering their username. This is the simple and basic search option. All you have to do is enter the username of the person you want to search for and find them instantly.